“What do you mean ‘now’? You had a link to Patreon the whole time!”

I previously had a Zircon tier on my main Patreon, but now I have a whole Patreon SPECIFIC TO THE COMIC! All aliens, no furries! (probably!)

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Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • comic pages and extras in advance of the site and social media
  • first crack at Ask an Alien
  • the knowledge that Chaz owns your soul
  • revamped thank you page
  • mostly* free archive to peruse while the site is down
  • potential for MORE COOL STUFF

(*- NSFW pages/extras will be behind a paywall to comply with Patreon’s policies. Archived pages will be available at the 1 dollar level and linked back here for free)

And if you sign up during the month of July, you can get FOUNDER’S PERKS!

  • signed and sketched in copy of Chapter 1, mailed to your door!
  • PDFs of current stories!
  • your name and headshot/avatar/representation of you above everyone else’s on the thank you page in the founder’s category!

These rewards are only available until July 31st so get in while the gettin’s good. As these tiers contain some physical rewards, make sure you provide a valid name/address or they won’t get to you!

Supporting me on Patreon means I can spend more time on this comic, and helps fund future books and merch. If you can’t afford to join up here or my furry Patreon but still want to support the comic financially, send us a kofi!

Can’t afford anything? Support us emotionally! Share the comic! Share the Patreon! Follow us on Twitter! Participate in Ask an Alien! Leave comments! Tell your friends! Draw fanart! Write fanfic! Make a crop circle! Kinkshame Zircon! Carpe nocte, human. The world is your small mollusk type creature that creates orbs from debris inside its body.

Remember, the truth is waiting.