Hyperintelligent, easily bored xenobiologist. Arrogant, mercurial, unpredictable. Kind of a jerk. Very open with zer thoughts due to the fact that no one can hear zem. Taller than an underclass Grey, shorter than other scientist class Greys. Wears zer coat half-unbuttoned like a rebel. Prefers cool blues and cyans.

Possesses both “sets” of genitalia, receiving and giving. A bit more intent on using them than the rest of zer kind, as a sort of guilty pleasure. Knows enough of human mating rituals to dish it out, but not enough to take it without becoming incredibly flustered.

Zer mental voice is androgynous (apparently masc to Thomas) and ze has no gender preference. Zer physical voice sounds like a bad parody of Christopher Nolan’s Batman speaking from the inside of a garbage disposal.

Takes an interest in Thomas due to his “unique” mental structure – that is, whatever allows him to not only easily receive transmissions but also unconsciously transmit as well.

In the midst of fucking. This is the important part.

Pronouns: No preference; may use ze/zer because it’s similar to zer name


more aliens to be unlocked as story progresses

main humans



28 year old depressed piece of shit working a dead-end job in food service, sharing an apartment with Vanessa in downtown South City. His hobbies include collecting godawful B movies, moderating a wolf RP forum, and taking naps. Hates most everything else except Vanessa. Especially nicknames and Chaz.

Can easily hear Zircon to the point that he can (unconsciously) forge a two-way link. Is not entirely sure he likes this power.

Pronouns: He/him, cis



26 year old ray of sunshine with a bachelor’s degree, a part time job in a kickboxing studio and her name on the lease. Her hobbies include reading shlocky romance novels, curating a fashion and interior design idea Pinterest she’ll never use, and strength training. Vegetarian. Not a drop of hate in her body.

Can only pick up ideas/sensations from Zircon due to empathy.

Pronouns: She/her, cis

side humans

Burger Shack Crew


Manager. Cult leader. Creepy as hell. Might be somewhat obsessed with Thomas. Not entirely sure if he's human.

Can hear Zircon too well.

Pronouns: He/him, cis


Server, cashier. Unfortunately related to Chaz. Agender, cooler than you. A snerson of few words.

Unknown if they can hear Zircon, or if they'd care if they did.

Pronouns: They/he


Shift lead, junior manager. Definitely cooler than you. Laidback, somewhat nihilistic. Disappears sometimes.

Unknown if he can hear Zircon.

Pronouns: Any, genderfluid/genderqueer


Owner, manager, cook, janitor, et cetera. Doesn't care what these kids do as long as they come to work on time. Has seen some shit.

Probably can't hear Zircon.

Pronouns: He/him, cis

Alien Cultists (currently known)


Alien casual. Grad student. Owes Thomas 20 bucks from 6th grade. Doesn't remember what it's for.

Definitely can't hear Zircon.

Pronouns: She/her, trans


Only here because her girlfriend wanted to check it out. Dated Thomas before realizing she swung the other way. Master of amputee jokes.

Unknown if she can hear Zircon, or if she'd care if she did.

Pronouns: She/they, trans

Neighbors (currently known)


Sculptor, painter, weirdo. Clinically diagnosed with psychosis and possibly also BPD. Vain, egotistical, a bit theatrical, likes to poke her nose in where it doesn’t belong. (This isn’t because of her mental illnesses, this is because she is a dick.)

May or may not be able to hear Zircon. Definitely heard him physically screaming that night.

Pronouns: She/her, trans

(main comic: TBA)

Misc South City Denizens


Comprised entirely of bones and hatred. Beef’s best friend slash adopted brother. Will probably fucking stab you.

Unknown if he can hear Zircon.

Pronouns: He/him, trans

(main comic: Shit City Funland)


Built like a brick shithouse in black leather and a mohawk. Cookie’s oldest son. A gentle giant, will probably adopt you.

Unknown if he can hear Zircon.

Pronouns: He/him, cis

(main comic: Shit City Funland)


Jayce's boyfriend. Probably not important to the story but he's important to Jayce.

Pronouns: He/they, cis



Marcus's daughter. Likes when Jayce comes to visit because he's taller than her Papa so shoulder rides are epic.

Pronouns: She/her, trans

Critters and Cryptids

Mr. Tinkles

13 year old shelter cat that is one part fluff, one part hatred. He came with the name. Does not like supernatural beings, especially aliens. Didn't think he'd have to deal with this but now one's fawning over his humans.

Zircon can understand the most basic of his mental impulses, because, after all, he is just a cat.


Jokingly pondered about finding out he exists the same way Thomas found out about aliens. Thomas hopes if he DOES exist, he’s not interested. 


Mysterious creature sighted at a park near South City. Rumored to be a werewolf or a bear. Or a werebear. Definitely not some guy in a bear suit.


Subterranean humanoid monsters that may or may not lurk in the tunnels beneath South City. They’re relatively private, all they want to do is drink beer and dig tunnels.