about the story

Updates Tuesdays and Fridays, may be bumped up to 3 days a week if there’s enough support.

This is (intended to be) an erotic romance – that is, characters fuck and eventually develop feelings. The fucking is important to the story, for developing the bond between characters and allowing them to know more about themselves.

Do the sex scenes have to be graphic? Probably not! But I like drawing dicks, so there.

Unfortunately this means that as a rule, the storyline is pretty slowburn. Not Jane Eyre slowburn, but it might take them a while to trust each other to make this an actual relationship. Zircon is absolutely fine with this.

The setting is somewhat modern, in an alternate timeline where the USA did NOT dive headfirst into the dumpster, as far as we know. Characters are aware of alien pop culture, but actual aliens have managed to keep hidden to the greater public. Other paranormal beings may also exist, and secretly inhabit the area around South City.

about the comic

Lowkey inspired by the documentary program “The Alien Hand: Government Conspiracy and Cover-Up” (or something to that nature) – it presented aliens as fact instead of fiction and had some good testimonies/theories, which will be seen later in the story.

This became “what if I did an alien sex comic”, with a tinge of “oh god am I stepping on the toes of Trying Human somehow?” and then realizing my writing is probably nothing like Trying Human. 

The art style is very loosely influenced from my older Invader Zim fanworks (Zircon’s head shape/eye shape, primarily) with some anime bullshit thrown in. 

Also, a lot like Zim, Zircon PROBABLY isn’t the standard to judge the rest of the Greys on. Probably. You’ll see.

about the author

Queer genderless void being that occasionally assumes a human form. Commonly lurks around Tumblr, Twitter and dark alleyways. Probably needs money to live.