about the story

They're not out there -- they're down HERE, trying to get laid.

Welcome to ZIRCON: a scifi/slice of life/erotic romance webcomic in which the titular Grey alien Zircon is enthralled by the size of a human’s … mind and decides to start up a “”relationship”” of sorts with him. For science.

Dirty, dirty science.

This comic contains graphic depictions of NSFW content between consenting adults. All characters involved in NSFW acts are over 18. (Despite Zircon’s baby face and small stature, ze is older than all the human cast combined.)

The setting is somewhat modern, in an alternate timeline where the USA did NOT dive headfirst into the dumpster, as far as we know. Characters are aware of alien pop culture, but actual aliens have managed to keep hidden to the greater public. Other paranormal beings may also exist, and secretly inhabit the area around South City.

The characters are queer as fuck. Assume no one is heteroromantic, heterosexual or cisgender unless stated otherwise. There will be queer themes, and there will be some stupid hangups about queer themes we’ll have to work through. (Looking at you, Thomas.)

Public updates on Fridays, Patreon updates on Wednesdays.

about the comic

I asked myself, “what if I did an alien sex comic?” And then I did it. It turned out more of a sex comedy, but we’re rolling with it.

The writing has gone through a few growing pains since I started this in 2016. The art style is very loosely influenced from my older Invader Zim fanworks (Zircon’s head shape/eye shape, primarily) with some anime bullshit thrown in. 

Also, a lot like Zim, Zircon PROBABLY isn’t the standard to judge the rest of the Greys on. Probably. You’ll see.

about the author

Queer genderless void being that occasionally assumes a human form. Commonly lurks around Tumblr, Twitter and dark alleyways. Will draw dicks for money.