2020 is almost over, the pandemic is still here, and my head feels like an egg cracked open on a sidewalk. It’s March the 800th and also November, maybe.

I’m hoping to start updating again either December or the beginning of 2021, considering I may or may not be able to stay in school this upcoming semester (in that I am terribly tempted to leg it). Your mileage may vary but I swear to god I haven’t abandoned this. They haven’t even caught feelings yet!!

Updates will be dropped to one day a week – Friday for public release, Wednesday for Patreon.

Biweekly may return if I get enough support from either the comic Patreon or my furry one I can justify working on comics instead of commissions. With the pandemic destroying conventions this year, my income has been solely commissions and Patreon, and due to school/mental health I’ve only been able to do one opening so far. It is a Struggle.

I still want to do merch and stuff for Zircon, but that has to wait until I’ve actually got something to promote. Right now all I’ve got is some designs on Redbubble, but RB doesn’t do acrylic charms n’ things as far as I know.

We will get through this. We WILL fuck that alien. ??