Our host had an outage for the past 3 days, but it appears the backup was up to date enough that we haven’t lost anything more than a short status post.

For future outages, make sure you follow us on Twitter to keep an eye on updates and also watch me break down from uncertainty in real time.

In other news, I intended SaTVTU to fill the gap while the main story was on hiatus – however, SaTVTU is now at a point where I’m scrambling to finish the pages the day before or day of the update schedule. I have to focus on animation/modeling finals as well as FWA prep, so I can’t continue doing this.

SaTVTU should return after May 13; main story will return sometime in the summer. A surprise is coming with them, which isn’t much of a surprise if you’re following my main Twitter BUT STILL.

Til next time, humans.