Hello humans!

As you know, Hurricane Michael is making its way through the southeast, where we are located. Fortunately the comic is on a queue, so even if we lose power, the post-hurricane Friday and Tuesday updates will be fine. There’s only 6 pages left in the story, whoops.

This weekend – despite Michael’s best efforts – I’ll also be in the dealer’s den at Anthro Southeast, where I’ll be selling print copies of Chapter 1 alongside furry stuff. Come get one and have it signed and sketched in!


Those of you following me on twitter will know about this, but I recently got them re-printed. Fresh black inks, actual page numbers at the bottom.


Also features (the old version of) the cast page.


The only other Zircon-related stuff this time around will be some buttons, but they’re also cool. Validate me, internet.

Next blog post should be Ask An Alien answers~~