you may recognize this image from tumblr, alas it is still relevant

my thought was to start the comic back in 2022, but with the last month of 2022 almost halfway done it’s probably safe to say i won’t make it. burnout is a bitch

general plans:

  • finish SaTVTU + aftermath
  • reorganize + get caught up on ch2
  • (posting to patreon first esp while im site jugglin)
  • get a neocities page for zircon
  • repost everything there (with either a secondary site or subpage for sidestories)
  • move domain name over there and say fuck you to the shitty site host

there will likely be another pause after ch2 but at least it’ll be less awkward than pausing 85% thru a different story

please consider pledging to patreon to help support doing things that are not commissions and get to see spoilers sometimes years ahead of the main site! (not on purpose)